Fulbank 2000 – New Battery Bank Charger


Our new automatic smart battery bank charger & maintainer FULBANK 2000 will be added to the FULBAT Chargers range. By substituting the FULBANK 1500, the all-new FULBANK 2000 is now the new “3 in 1” solution for professionals.


Designed with an advanced microprocessor, this bank battery charger is ideal for workshops and warehouses. It offers a wide range of benefits:

• Charge and maintain 3 batteries with different voltages and chemistries at once
• 4 stages: battery check, bulk charge, absorption and float
• 100% automatic
• 2A per bank with capacity up to 40Ah ( all models in maintenance)
• Compatible with Lead-acid (Gel, AGM, MF, Dry, Ca/Ca, Wet) and Lithium (LifePO4) batteries
• Delivered with 3 clamps and 3 fused connection set
• Full protection against short circuit, wrong connections, overcharge and overheat

With this new model, FULBAT now offers a wide range of chargers to meet all the market needs.

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