Introduction – New FDC AGM Carbon models

Our new FDC Deep Cycle AGM battery line up has been recently extended with three new models: FDC6-265, FDC12-39, FDC12-43

Designed for deep cycle applications, our FDC batteries have  robust conception and are engineered with carbon additives to provide optimum performance: maximum service life, higher charging efficiency, low self-discharge and high performance without being 100% charged.


Ideal for golf carts, aerial work platform and cleaning machines applications!


  • Non spillable & maintenance free
  • No acid handling
  • Deep cycle design for high capacity and maximum life
  • Reinforced grid/plates design for optimal cyclic use
  • Carbon additives to perform in partial state of charge (PSOC) and to increase charging efficiency
  • No stratification phenomenon
  • Robust, safe & reliable
  • Low self-discharge rate for longer shelf life