Introduction – New FPG GEL batteries

Our FPG battery line up has been recently extended with three high-capacity models: FPG12-140, FPG12-200, FPG12-250

Thanks to GEL technology, FPG batteries offer high cyclic performances compared to AGM standard batteries (3x higher), strong recovery capabilities, and high depth of discharge. These high-capacity models are ideal for many applications such as marine & leisure, solar and other energy storage solutions.


  • Maintenance free & non-spillable
  • High Cyclic performances: x3 superior to AGM standard batteries
  • High recovery from deep discharge
  • Very low self-discharge rate (about 2%/month at 20°C)
  • Wide range of operating temperatures – superiors at AGM
  • Higher operating temperature & depth of discharge: ideal in harsh conditions
  • Operation in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use)
  • Rugged impact resistance
  • No electrolyte stratification phenomenon
  • Low gas emission due to high gas recombination of 99% (VRLA)