New Fulbank 2000 with Assembly Parts

Introduction Fulbank 2000 with Assembly Parts
Our brand new FULBANK 2000 charger and its assembly parts have been designed to mount it on our FULBAT display. Mainly developed for shops, warehouses and garages, the FULBANK 2000 is an automatic smart bank battery charger & maintainer with 3 channels rated at 2A.

The FULBANK 2000 assembly parts allowed to mount up to 2 chargers on the FULBAT display to become a small charging station. Ideal for professionals and shops, it has never been easier to charge & maintain your FULBAT batteries!


Designed with an advanced microprocessor, the FULBANK 2000 is a “3 in 1 smart solution” that allows to maintain in charge its battery stock and also ensure all battery performances due to following features:
  • Charges and maintains 3 batteries with different voltage and technology at once
  • 2A per bank with capacity up to 40Ah (120Ah in maintenance)
  • 100% Automatic
  • For all 6V/12V batteries: GEL, AGM, MF, DRY, Ca/Ca & Lithium (LiFePO4)
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Full protected against short circuit, wrong connections, overcharge and overheat
  • Safe: spark free connection clamps, reversed polarity protection, short circuit and internal overheat protection