Introduction – New lithium starter battery line up

We kindly inform you that our FULBAT Lithium starter battery line up has been recently updated with new models, new design and new features.

Now equipped with an integrated Battery Management System and LCD battery tester, our new Lithium range offers higher capacity, very high CCA and a safer solution.

Ready to use and with ultra-light weight conception, this LiFeP04 range will ensure extreme starting performance, very low self-discharge and extreme cycle life. Ideal for the most demanding riders.

Discover now our new lithium battery line up.


  • Ready to use & Maintenance free
  • Ultra lightweight compare to lead acid battery
  • Very high cold cranking performance
  • Ultra safe thanks to the BMS integrated
  • Very fast recharge
  • Mutli-positional fitment
  • Integrated LCD battery tester
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Compliant with 2021 European – (EU) 2019/1148 regulation for the sale of acid for batteries