What is the right battery charger you need?


As you know, winter is coming and many of you will soon be putting their seasonal vehicle into winter storage. Whatever battery type, battery size and vehicle type, our four battery chargers have been designed with efficient maintenance mode to meet this need. From Lead acid to LiFePO4 and from 6V to 12V, FULBAT offers a wide storage solution :

FULLOAD 750: this smart battery charger and maintainer is suitable for all 6V and 12V lead acid & lithium batteries. With 3 charging steps, this charger is made for smaller powersports or lawn & garden batteries (from 2Ah to 20Ah) such as motorcycles, lawn tractors, mowers, quad, watercraft, snowmobiles and more.


FULLOAD 1000: including a rapid charge function and 3 charging steps, this smart battery charger is suitable for all 6V-12V lead acid & lithium batteries while in providing a higher charging rate. This charger is made for small capacity batteries ( from 2Ah to 20Ah).


FULLOAD 1500: powerful, safe and easy to use, this smart battery charger with rejuvenation mode provides high performance, including 8 charging steps. Ideal for 12V lead-acid batteries from 4Ah to 30Ah.


FULLOAD F4: designed with microprocessor, this battery charger is the most powerful and fast of category. With rejuvenation mode and 8 charging steps, this charger is made for all 6V-12V lead-acid batteries from 1.2Ah to 120Ah.


All our chargers are delivered with clamps and eyelet connection set.
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FULBAT battery chargers provide you the power you need to keep your battery fully charged and maintained. When the beautiful days are back, you’ll be now ready!

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