Winter Vehicle Storage Guide


As winter is coming with low temperatures, perhaps you don’t use your seasonal vehicle (motorcycle, lawn tractors…). So, you need to take the proper measures to make sure battery of your vehicle survives during winter conditions.

How to prepare your vehicle for winter?

Firstly, it is important to choose an indoor dry location – where your vehicle will be secured and not affected by humidity and dirty.

FULBAT - Winter Storage - Guide
  • If your vehicle is stored in a garage:

  Fully charge your battery, switch off or unplug any electrical equipment and, if possible, disconnect the battery from your motorcycle. The battery could lose a lot of charge caused by sophisticated electronics such as trackers, alarms and more.

Note: an alarm uses energy, even if engine is off.

–  If possible, connect a smart charger to maintain charge. Otherwise, check the charge/voltage of your battery once a month.


For lead acid batteries, we recommend you to charge them if battery voltage is ≤12.8V.

For lithium batteries, we recommend you to charge them if battery voltage is ≤13V.

  • If your vehicle is parked outside, remove the battery from your vehicle and follow the above instructions.
  • If your battery must be stored below 0°C, we would advise you to keep it charged to avoid freezing. When a battery is discharged, the acid is less concentrated making freezing more likely to occur.

At the end of the winter storage, make sure your battery is charged before hitting the road.

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